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    Anabolic Review: Cycles for the Novice

    Just a few questions from a novice:

    Creditibility of AR

    With all of the advice and insight that is given about particular stacks, I was curious if AR was a good way to go as far as stacking info?? AR really seems to know their stuff, but just checking, if it maybe was "outdated", so forth.

    Too much, too little?

    In particular, I was wondering about the ENANTHATE + DECA stack. Any advice on this stack. Good begining stack? Or is this a little much (extreme side effects)? Too little (not much gain)? Found at the very bottom of the page at

    Is it a good idea to pyramid?

    I have heard of starting with a small amount and building up, then going back down in small amounts. Ex: Weeks 1-2: 100mg, Weeks 3-4: 150mg, Weeks 5-6: 200mg, Weeks 7-8: 150mg, Weeks 9-10: 100mg. Basically that is it. But I am not sure if this is correct.

    Injecting frequency?

    How often should injecting take place? Twice a week? So if the ENANTHATE + DECA stack from AR were done, you would go 200mg of Test and 200mg of Deca. Now if you did this twice a week, it would make it 100mg of test and 100mg of deca twice a week. My question is would you put the Deca with the test (in the same pin) and inject a total of 200 mg or would you do them seperate (two pins) and do two injections? I understand this may sound dumb to some of you, but I was really curious.


    After reading the post by TNT about Clomid, I am wondering about it. Everyone always tell me it is good, but TNT seems to really know his stuff. I have, however, had a hard time getting hold of any clomid.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I think those dossages are too low. Pyramiding with injectables is pretty much useless as well.

    Try running something like this

    test: 400mg
    deca : 300mg

    that would be a great first time user cycle.

    Clomid is very easy to get. Very easy.


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    IMO you should buckle down and invest extra time in the forums. Do the research. I joined not too long ago and it's amazing how much I have learned in a very short time. I don't know if everyone else agree but I found Anabolics 2002 to be very useful as well. There's a shitload of information out...

    Good luck!

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    Q: Credibility of AR

    A: The AR section on stacks & cycles (the link form the main page) is, IMO, a bit outdated and often runs counter to the recommendations given here in the forums. I think the forums offer better info, stick aound and observe, do some searches and you will get some good stack ideas.

    Q: Too much, too little?

    A: It's hard to say until we know more about you. Give us some stats: age, height, weight, years training, BF%, and your goals. Then we can get a better grip on it.

    Q: Is it a good idea to pyramid?

    A: Pyramiding dosages (starting at a low dose, increasing to a maximum, then decreasing to a low dose before the end) is not a good idea.

    Most injectable steroids (Test. En/Cyp, Deca , EQ) are absorbed slowly into the body and metabolized out slowly, so you will have a “natural” taper into and out of your cycle anyway.

    Q: Injecting frequency?

    A: Two injections a week would suffice in that case; mix 1ml Deca w/ 1ml Test. En. in a syringe and inject the 2ml of juice at one time. It works fine and keeps you from feeling like a pin cushion. Inject 3-4 days apart to keep blood levels even. (Sunday & Thursday, for example).

    Q: Clomid?

    I respect TNT's opinions tremendously. If I have a tough question he is one of the first guys I turn to for a straight answer. But remember, what works for one person doens't always translate to working for everybody. Clomid, form all the research I have done (and I have done a lot!) seems to have a higher rate of success than not using Clomid. As much as I respect TNT's opinion, I am still using Clomid!

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    I thought I had something to say until I realised that both Ajax AND Diesel got here first!

    Listen to these people Eagle - They know their stuff!

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    Eagle welcome to AR


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    I dont think what AR says runs counter of the forum. AR stacks are simply conservative, but they do give a good template with which to work on

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    i agree with kaz,

    very little left to say after the big 2 came blowin through here.............

    peace bb79

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    Try deca at 400mg/week and test at 400mg/week. You don't actually need the deca IMO. Maybe try test @ 400mg/week and d-bol @ 25-30mg ED for the first 4 weeks. You won't be disappointed with that.

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    it seems like the cycles proposed in the forums are popular probably because the people had good results. everybody reacts different so you need to know your limits. oh yeah show your stats. Eagle very original name but you dont got the avatar ha ha ha.

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