hey everyone im new here .... I was on
decca 250mg/ml- 10ml bottle
test prop 100mg/ml- 20ml bottle
2 cycles of the same gear .... and that was my first time using gear i got amazing results i was 145lbs and end of my 2 cycle i went up to 175, i added 30 pounds.. now im off its been like 3 months ... and im 165 now .. my question was i want to go back on .. i just need some suggestions on my next cycles...
i was thinkin going on with the following:

1st cycle (bulking)

2 decca 300mg/ml 10ml bottle
3 test e 100mg/ml 10ml bottle
1 test prop 100/ml 10ml bottle
1 tren 100mg/ml 10ml bottle
1 arimex 1mg/ml 50ml bottle

2nd cycle (cutting)

1 decca 300mg/ml 10ml bottle
1 winni 100mg/ml 10ml bottle
1 EQ 100mg/ml 10ml bottle
1 Clen 1mg/ml 50ml bottle