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    Need deca/testocyp stack cycle info

    I currently have a vial of deca and a vial of test cyp. I need to know how much of each i need to take a week and how many times a week i need to take them. I am currently pretty new at taking steroids . I am on a very strict diet and workout daily. I am 20 years old and weigh only 165 lbs. I am 6'0 tall. I can not put on any mucsle size and i rarely gain much strength. i have been reading up on the two and it seems that deca is a good beginners steroid . Is this true? Should i take both or just one. I need HELP?

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    Firstly, too young. Secondly, am sure you diet is far from perfect, which is resulting in you not gaining weight. Thirdly, one vial of each will be no good.

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    Read this

    UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...

    Youre not gaining weight b/c youre not eating like this. If you cant eat like this, steroids arent gonna make you any bigger either. Besides youre still too young for gear IMO, train natually for a few more years and you dont have enough gear to put together a decent cycle anyway

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    The boys are right- you need to adress your diet first, get some mass gainer shakes into you, maybe some creatine and gain some natural size and strength first.
    And if you had been reading up one the compounds you wouldn't need to ask how much to take and you'd know a vial of each is nothing. You also need to research pct.
    This isn't something you just jump into mate- do a lot more research and training and hit your natural limit before you consider AAS or it will just be a total waste of your time mate.

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