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    dianabol???for newcomer

    I'm a female....gotta a question for a male friend....any info is appreciated. New guy...doesn't want to get to big too fast....wants to take dbol tabs--5mgs..what's a good cycle
    or any other suggestions.
    It's hard for me to answer since I've taken just about everything and am a to grow and lift.

    Please answer honestly. Thanks again.

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    alot of people dont recommend d-bol for a first cycle and most people lose gains on a d-bol only its not recommended...if he wants to go with a lean noticable gain tell him to try:
    EQ 400mg/wk for 10 weeks
    clomid post cycle
    If he has the d-bol already...he can try a d-bol cycle only, i actually did myself and kept gains but most dont.
    Tell him to run it maybe 30-35mg/day for no longer than 6 weeks, and its not a bad idea to still run clomid afterwards as this may help =\

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    Dianabol alone is a bad idea. Why? Well, if he did a minimal amount of research, he would know.

    If he hasn't done research, he should not be using steroids . Period.

    Tell your friend to educate himself! It's admirable of you to want to help, but HE HAS TO KNOW WHAT HE'S DOING before he gets involved in AS. What he doesn't know CAN hurt him.

    Send him over here to AR. Lots of friendly people willing to give advice. But tell him to read the stuff on the baord before he asks questions--he should have a basic understanding so he can ask intelligent questions.

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    welcome to ar , I like the screen name ,,,lol

    We need alot more info on him , what are his stats , goals , diet ?????

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    Ajax hit this one on the nail! I just got through with a post along similar lines - If you have NOT done the research for yourself to start with you ARE NOT ready for AS!

    Questions are great, its what we come here for, but you have to have at least a basic understanding of what and why before you ask!

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