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    Lightbulb 1-test + Methyl dien + test Any thoughts?!?!?!

    Hey just what to discuss a stack I was thinking about.
    Itís two of the newer pre ban prosteroid or post ban steroids and test.

    1-testosterone 100mg x 2 a day transdermal 200mg a day total
    testosterone 250-300mg x a week injection
    Methyl-Dien 8mg x 3 a day oral 24mg a day total

    Good Bad or Ugly?????

    I think I have the three major groups covered here also:
    1-test is in the DHT family. Methyl-Dien is in the nandro family. And test is in the test family.

    1) Would you use this for cutting or bulking???
    2) If bulking would you use more test???
    3) If you have had any expirence with the 1-test and M-dien, what do you think of this stack???
    4) In a longer cycle would you run the m-dien the whole time or only the last 4-6 weeks???

    5)maybe this question should get a thread of itís own since Iím trying to stay focused on this stack but here goes: Can you add1-test powder to Bacteriostatic water and make an injectable suspension??? Would it have to be administered every day??? How much would you use???

    This thread is in response to my first and only thread on this forum. I was asking about a this stack of AAS. It was posted in the appropriate forum section (this one) for AAS but every body wanted to tell me how to diet and train. Well I am FAT and I can use the help. So I started a thread in diet and training section for that issue. You can go there and add you advice too all is welcome:

    Trying to lose weight with diet and exercise. Please look over.

    I always thought that you were supposed to ask question before you take any thing. I may try this or a similar stack this year or in two years but I would really like to talk about itís merits or demerits as the case maybe.
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