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Thread: Dbol/Test

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    Post Dbol/Test

    How's it going everyone? I was going to do a Dbol cycle alone, but from doing some research and reading reviews, I am glad that I changed my mind. From reading around, I have heard that Dbol works well with Test, so my first cycle is going to consist of the following:

    Week 1-4 Dbol (25 mg, 30 mg, 35 mg, 25 mg)
    Week 1-8 Test

    Can someone give me more information about this cycle, what I can except to gain and how abouts I should do my P.C.T?

    Thank you guys for your info, you help lots.

    (Guys that want to dissagree with this cycle, feel free to, but I'd like it if you guys kept your comments to yourself unless it could help me. Thank you)

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    whats ur states height weight fats and u r expect to gain mosty water and fat and if u do keep gains right that will depend on ur pct if u did correctly !

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