Hey gang,

Ok i know i am still a newbie but i was thinking about this, and since this board rocks i know the reasons for why it can/cannot work will pop up quickly

I have read threads around that speak of using

12.5 mcg of T3 once daily. spread out over 4-8 weeks
(again facts i have picked up off other boards)

Now i know this will in itsself prolly spark a thread war but thats what seems to be going around now.

Low dosages spread farther out and it lessens the crash post cycle. (nothing stops it totally ive read). It isnt the fastest or eve most effective way to take T3 but lets just suppose thats what your doing..

If after you cycle off t3 you are in the "get fat zone" why can't you delay the clen cycle to then?

Wouldnt you want your body "up" as much as you could post T3?
I know some run a 2 week cycle of ECA or NYC to combat the crash to a lesser degree.

I have not read all the scientific data about each drug fully. Just a random question i think up heh

And i am not thinking of using just yet I still have time on my cardio/clean diet.

Well any thoughts would be great