I'm currently 35 yrs old and been lifting for about 10yrs, but only serious the last 5. I currently weigh 181lbs @ 5'-10", although
my weight fluctuates around 177-182lbs. I really don't know my BF% but I would guess in around 20%, which I know is to high.
When I started I barely weighed 135. My diet is fairly clean to very good.

The hardest part of all of this, is that for the last 10 yrs I've traveled close to 75-100 days each year. I try to find hotels
with gyms but you could only guess how some of them are. Its not the best lifestyle for working out regular, but our company is finally
growing to the point where I don't have to travel as nearly as much.

At this point I'm not sure how much more I can gain naturally. So I was thinking about doing my 1st.
Any thoughts good and bad would be appreciate