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    Question for the Female Members

    My girlfriend is thinking about planning a cycle. She will not take injections. What are some steroid choices for her and what would a cycle look like? I bought some clen which should be here soon.

    She is 5'6", 150 lbs. Works out 3 times per week cardio (Power Weight Training), 2 times per week weight training. She carries fat on her hips and upper thighs. She is toned everywhere else including her abs (no six pack yet but very close). It looks like she needs to lose 10-15 pounds of fat on her hips. She has nice definition everywhere else.

    So the goal is definetly cutting and weight loss.

    Also, should she do the clen cycle before or during a steroid cycle?

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    I will defer to the ladies on this one Meth but I can tell you about my wife's experience with anavar .

    She was using Chinaman's var which is reportedly not 100% Ox but a combonation of OX and another similarly structured drug. She started at 5mg/day for 1 week and after experincing no negative sides she bumped it to 10mg/day. Again, after a period of no neg. sides she bumped to 15mg/day and stayed there for the remaining 8 weeks. Her diet was cleaned up and she used an ECA. She lost about 16lbs and toned up considerably. The var gave her a huge intensity boost in the gym and a very good strength boost as well. Needless to say she was VERY happy. Next cycle will be EQ @ 50mg/week + anavar @ 15mg/day for 10 weeks.

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    WOW, NICE....

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    Primobolan is another good choice for woman, i would go with 25mg on monday and another 25mg on thursday. It's better to start slow and you can always increase the dosage if no negative side occure. Other then that Pete said it well.

    Keep in mind that it's the diet and cardio that will help her loose the fat and not the drugs. Drugs help that's all...XXL

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