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    Help With Winstrol for Beginner?? I need the feedback and knowledge

    Hey I have a few questions I was hoping to get answered.

    I have been lifting pretty hard for the past two years. I competed in my first show last April 2004. I am all natural. I have not used any anabolic drugs. I am going to be competing again in late May. I have actually put on a good amount of size this off season. I have a guy that does my nutrition and gets me ready for the show. He gave me a few options on what I could do to help me get harder this year.

    He suggested the use of 4 products. I have been researching them. Also this guy is a very knowledgeable nutritionist and knows his biochemistry of all his good "vitamins"

    I am still competing in the teenage class.
    I’m 19 yrs old
    182 pounds at about 11% right now but will be dieting in about 3 weeks.

    -T3 Cynomel

    From what i have been reading, I am sure I don’t want to use the halotestin and the Cynomel
    I want to stick to the basics right now with the clen and maybe the use of winstrol

    My questions are in regards to the winstrol.
    I want to know how long and how much is suggested for my use?
    Should I use the oral or the injectable ( From what I know the injectable might be a safer way to take winny and give slightly better results, im still not 100% though)…I know dosages very between the two..
    I should be around 162-165 on stage.

    What are the side affects... People are always jumpy in saying that the only side affects are that it will make you look good. Chances of acne? I do not want to be a break out case of acne, this is one of my main concerns after being at one event and seeing this poor guy who was covered front and back with acne.…. Any other negative effects? fill me in with the details I am not scared of it I am just very careful…Most people i have talked to so far have said to wait on the use of this drug until i am older. SOme say just to maybe go with Clen for my show... any opinion is great thanks.
    The more feedback the better thanks.

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    "How about no TEST = NO CYCLE"

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    you are too young and thats a terrible cycle anyway.

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