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    blood test taken at work

    my company do a medical /health screen every three years on you

    last week had to do a piss sample, which was only for diabetes(luckily)

    and a blood test, which they will get back to me with results in a few weeks

    1 jab , but blood was put into two tubes

    i asked what i was getting tested for he said liver,cholesterol etc, then said steroids ............

    luckily i have taken none for over 18mths so should be OK

    thing that is worrying me is that i am been smoking a lot of (solid weed) for the past year or so
    do u thing they will pick this up........

    i have been of the weed for 2 days and plan to smoke it never again, and will be doing some test/Winny in 3 weeks

    just hoping they do not test for weed with the blood tests

    surly if they were going to test for drugs they should of told me before hand, as like i said i did not have to do the blood test

    they did say results from the blood test would be posted to my house within 2-3 weeks as well as the medicl i done

    all advise welcome

    i am based uk

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    If you have drug testing in your company they dont have to tell you they can just hand you a cup at anytime...
    For the puffy stuff.. I think it wil show in methaphediameans...(SP) not right...
    For Roids they have to test for that seperate and cost money...but it will show upp in meths also....

    No Worries Man

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    I always understood that thc is fat soluable and collected in the brain tissues and testicals. Because it is fat soluable it can be detected up to 30 days after you stop using, in urine, hair sample, or blood. i may be wrong, i am not a drug test expert...this is what i understand though.

    good luck...

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