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Thread: 2nd cycle help

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    2nd cycle help

    need some help planning this one out.
    first cycle was
    500mg teste galenika 10 weeks
    40mg dbol weeks 1-3
    50mg winnie 8-11
    pct was nolva 40-30-20-20
    clomid 100-50-50
    tribulus 3000mgs
    gained 30 lbs and got leaner. lost 10 lbs because of getting sick.

    i'm 6-1 224lbs 12 % bf 27 feb, 8

    cycle 2
    200mg test e eod
    100mg masteron eod
    i have 150 10mg var
    plenty of 40mg winnie tabs
    should i frontload the teste?
    and where should i add the var and winnie
    how long can i run this cycle without hcg ?
    pct will be the same

    thanx in advance

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    bump thanx for the quick responses

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    No need to do the test e eod. twice a week will be good. I have never seen a need to frontload anything, but that is just my opinion. I would use the var for the last 4 weeks at 40mg / day and save the winnie for another cycle, but you could just as easily do it the other way around. I wouldn't do both because of the liver toxicity.

    If I were to do this cycle it would look like this

    1-10 Test E 600mgs / week
    6-10 Masteron 100mgs eod
    7-10 var 40mg/day

    HCG week 11 and 12
    Clomid at 13
    Nolva same as your first

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