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    SUS and EQ cycle

    Whats up board I've been off for a while well I wanted to up date you all on my latest cycle that I have just finished. 500mg sus and 400mg eq a week for 10 weeks, lets just say I'm really disappointed the sus got me a little bigger and the eq made me eat like a f**king horse but the strength was terrible, nothing I guess everybody reacts different. I already have my next cycle and can't wait to start it. 400mg test-cyp, 400mg deca , 40mg d-bol week. test and deca for 10 weeks d-bol for only 5 weeks. I'm really looking forward to this cycle I hear if you can't grow off of deca and d-bol than you can't grow, so I can't wait oh by the way the test and deca are made by b.m. pharmaceuticals and the d-bol are yellow 10mg tabs from china.well i'll talk to yall later, live long and prosper

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    how did you shoot the sust, ED, EOD, twice a week?

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    personally, deca 's best results come between week 10 and 14 for me. This is how I would run your next cycle.
    1-15 Test e 500mg/wk
    1-14 Deca 400 mg/ wk
    1-4 Dbol 40 mg/ed

    Then Pct...JMHO

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    dbol is strong and it works fast too. im sure youl make impressive gains on that bro

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