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    anyone else have a problem with this?

    I know I read a thread about this a while back, and I thought I could get some more info. on the subject. On my last cycle, I ran Test E @ 800 mg/wk and kickstarted it with Drol @ 100mg/ed. After I discontinued the orals at the end of week 4, I stopped gaining! I even increased my calories by almost 1000 (so, it was around 5000). I continued on with the Test E until week 8 to help solidify my gains, but no more weight or strength was gained. Now, I know that I've heard other people complain about this as well. What causes this?

    I know that one explanation was that there was a rise in SHBG levels, but I thought Drol was supposed to help keep SHBG levels low??? I know this much, I don't plan on running any oral jumpstarts any time soon.

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    All androgens lower SHBG levels. Test gains come on very slow, compared to things like drol and dbol , if you got legit gear then its working, dont worry. Is your strength still going up or remaining high?

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