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    Testosterone Enanthate injection info???

    im new to steroids .I just got a bottle of Testosterone Enanthate . It is 10ml. How much are you suppose to take a week? How many weeks will this bottle last?

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    Dont do any cycle now bro research first on how to do a first cycle so you dont mess up your body as for first cycle test E would be enough take 500mg ew & get Nolvadex to fight elevated estrogen so you dont get "gyno" & the cycle should be from 10wks to 12wks & then you do PCT "post cycle therapy " go to the PCT fourm & read pheedno PCT & PCT start times.

    1-10 or 1-12 500mg Test E injecting mon & thurs

    1-10 or 1-12 Nolvadex 10mg every day

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