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    Question L-Taurine still needed here??

    Quick question board members..
    I amtaking Clen with T3 right now..It is working well! I am going to do the two on two off with Ephedra on the off weeks...THANKS to PINNACLE!
    Yes Clen depletes the body of Taurine and Taurine depletes the body of natural least that is what I read in the Clen Handbook
    So if I am taking T3 with Clen, would L-Taurine not be needed FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of depletion of T3 since I am taking T3??
    i know L-Taurine is not just good for that, its also for the muscle cramps..but I take potassium pills everyday and I have been on now for 2 weeks and have not experieced any cramps in a week now....First week..yea cramps in weird would literally move from my abs to my back etc in a rotating pattern..I could not be still..
    So memebers what do you think about what I just asked...

    This board has changed my mind on anabolics for life..
    Ordering the book next week..
    I actually feel knowledgeable now..
    I still laugh at my friends who do not do PCT in my hometown..I tried to tell them...Learned all of that here thanks to everyone here.


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    GOOD ? i'd like to know as well..

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