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    Lots of shots :(

    My next cycle looks like this
    1-14 wk .25mg L-dex & 10mg nov ED
    1-4 wk 75mg Test Prop ED
    1-12 wk Test E 250mg Monday morning and Thursday night. 500mg total
    7-14 wk Var 20mg 3 times ED. 90mg total
    15-19 Standard PCT

    My question is should I run the Test Prop a little longer then 4 weeks and it shouldn’t be any problem putting both Test P and Test E in the same shot on Monday morning shot right? I’m only going to beable to put the two shots together on that day because I shoot Prop in the am and on Thursday night I shoot the Test E.

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    Yes,those are my legs
    You can mix the gear bro.

    That cycle is far from alot of shots.That much i can assure you.


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    4 weeks for the prop is fine that basically when the test e. will be kicking in...

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