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    A few questions I need to get answerd.....

    I started my first cycle about two weeks ago. I am doing a 10 week cycle of test e 250. 1 cc twice a week. I am taking nolva now with my cycle. I have been eating alot more, but putting on a little fat. I need my cylce looked at my diet looked at and now I have another goal. at the end of march I have to be in good shape, Meaning not alot of fat.

    My stats.
    22 years old
    5 11" tall

    test e 250
    twice a week, monday and thursdays. 1 cc each time
    Nolva with it, I think 1/2 cc right now I will up it for pct.

    4-5 days a week
    About 1 hr to 1hr 1/2 each time working diff groups each time. I train hard that shouldnt need much help.

    I try to eat every 2 hrs, sometimes every 2 1/2 hrs. I eat foods like these.
    salmon, tuna, cat fish, lean hamburger, turkey burger, chicken breasts, wheat pasta, yams, brown rice, peanut butter and jelly sandwitch on wheat, whole wheat bagles, fat free milk, vegies, oatmeal, protien shakes, protein bars.

    Todays food intake.
    meal 1 6:30 am
    wheat bagle, with peanut butter and jelly.
    myoplex org protien shake

    meal 2 8:30am
    8/10 oz of turkey burger no salt.
    1 cup brown rice.

    Meal 3 11:00 am
    8/10 oz of turke burger no salt
    1 cup brown rice.
    glass of milk fat free

    Pre work out meal

    meal 4 2:00 pm
    muscle milk shake with water

    Post work out

    Meal 5 5:00pm
    Myoplex org shake

    Meal 6 7:00pm
    Yam with butter spray
    chicken breast.

    Sleep by 10 pm sometimes I will eat like a lean burger wheat wrap with a peice of swiss on it before bed.
    Please tell me what i can change in my diet to help build mass, but not alot of fat.
    CHEATS:::: I eat protein bars with fat free milk, and pb& j on wheat. How bad is this?

    I have 10 weeks till I have to be in good shape. I cant be holding any fat from my cycle in 10 weeks. I need some gone!!! So two weeks after my cycle ends and I will be in hawii. I have been told that I can take clen to help with this, I have been told not to take clen, I really dont want to have sides with anything, but I need to lose some bf either during my cylce or after. Please post what you think. I would rather maybe start loosing toward the end of cycle so I can look good 10 weeks from now. Thanks guys.


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    this should be posted in the diet forum mate you will get better responces in the correct forum!

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    are you trying to bulk or cut? Your diet looks more like a bulking diet than a cutting diet. Read this cutting sticky

    UNoffical "How to Cut" thread and sample diet...

    Also if you want to burn off fat, you need to do cardio too!!

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    Why march?

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    Its a bulking diet for sure. I should just really up the cardio. Is that ok to do on a cycle? And march I will be in hawii dont want to look bad there. I was just wondering what you all though, and if I should just do cardio, or cardio and clen or something. thanks

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    AAS taxes the heart, so always do cardio on cycle. Just vary it depending on your specific goals.

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    Go ahead and do some cardio. It will help to speed the metabolism up and along with the juice, you should be able to lose some bf. Everyone is different. If your body isn't responding to what you are eating right now, then you need to take a look at it and figure out what is causing the problems. Cut some of your fats first and see how that helps. If you don't get the results, then switch your carb intake up. Not necessarily cutting them but switching what you are taking in for carbs. There are a million different things that you can do, but you have to see what each thing does to your body. You will be the best judge of that. But the only way to find out is to stick to a strict diet in order to see what each individual thing is doing for you. If your calorie intake is different from day to day, you are going to have a hard time pinpointing what it is that you don't want in there.

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