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    Question!!!! Help....

    I am a D1 athlete and i am going on a cycle soon it looks like this.
    Week 1 500 sust
    Week 2 500 sust
    Week 3 500 sust
    Week 4 500 sust
    week 5 500 sust
    Week 6 500 sust
    Week 7 500 sust
    week 8 500 sust
    Week 9 500 sust
    Week 10 500 sust

    My question is how much nolvadex would i need and how much does it cost, and does clomid turn up on a drug test for the NCAA...And yes they do test for steroids .

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    use novaldex ONLY when symptoms of gyno occur. 60mg first day...40mg until symptoms subside...then 20mg everyday throughout the remainder of the cycle. Have enough nov assuming you get gyno symptoms at week 2. I don't know about the clomid question...wait for a mod or vet to answer that one!

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    Why are you asking about Clomid showing up on the drug test if you are already taking Test (Sust 250) and they test for that, don't they???

    I think Clomid has a half life of 6 days, so that means that after 6 days only about 1/2 of the dosage is still active in your system, so after 14 days it's 1/4 and after 21 days (3 weeks) it 1/8 at which point i thing you would be ok even if they tested for it (Clomid).

    Good Luck Bro...XXL

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    from what I have reserched clomid half life is 5 days,I would go with what MIKE is telling you,sounds good to me.

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    You might want to do a search on the members cycle results forum and see what turns up. Just an idea.

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