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    Gear Legal in the Bahamas?

    Hey guys, Im takin a trip to the bahamas in the spring... Thought I might be able to benefit from the trip.. Any gear there? Whats the best way getting it home? Mail, Suitcase? Thanks guys.

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    Gear isn't legal in the Bahamas....

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    Sorry to tell u but there is no gear available in Bahamas. everything else but no gear, but u will have a great time, beautiful place

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    Lots of companies mail out of the Bahamas and most are "flagged" sights, so I wouldn't mail anything out of there. It seriously took 6 months for my friends to get the post cards I mailed out of there when on vacation last year, so there post office is def. not reliable. I wouldn't if I were you.

    p.s.- Look into Staniel Cay island (most beautiful place I've ever been to)


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