Hi I am new to AR , but not new to the struggle of gaining weight .. For me being an ecto was the extreme downfall and basically the crippling factor in my life .. I got to where i couldnt go out , didnt wanna be seen in public and could jst damn near hide behind a mic stand.. Th e funny thing was that I didnt eat any less in my life or do nething diff than my buds who were filling out to 180 190 200+.. My stats at 22 or so were 6 1 136.. I dont have ne idea of my measurements at that time and if i did they would not be worth mentioning.. I also played sports and had never been a stranger to the gym and starting hitting it ultra hard at about 22 or so..I had the oppurtunity that most dont in that my parents were very successfull.. So after crying myself to sleep for about 5 yrs i decided that my diet had to be the culprit .. I had my parents hire me a personal trainer and thi is where its gets interesting. I was put on the usual protein 400 g a day carbs blah blah blah . This went on till i was about 24 and went to about 140lb. with decent strength gains..This was a total and utter failure as far as i was concerned .. I was totally 110% ready to give the f**k up and jst deal with the fact i was doomed to be a rail with a little hard muscle.. I had never toyed with the idea of AS until one of my good freinds introed me to test E.. I started running 500 EW and dbol 50 ed .. about 3 wks in my weight started to climb at rates that i felt werent healthy but at this point i didnt give a rats ass.. i went from 140 or so to 170+ in 6 wks.. I was a ripped monster in my eyes .. i finished the first cycle at 11 wks and was a blistering 179.. I dropped off at 175 or so and have been steady ever since with a good diet and rest ..The point is diet is the big downfall of newbs.. But sometimes some people need a little more than diet.. thank u good luck to all and be smart.. AS changed my life for the better