I had originally planned on doing a Tren only cycle as it was suggested that Tren could be run on its own. After reading a lot of posts I have decided against this. The problem that I am stuck with is that eveytime in the past when I've done Test I seem to get sick? So I'd like to do as little Test as possible can you tell me what you think of this:

Wks 1-10 200mg Tren E every 3-4 days
Wks 1-11 250 mg Test E

I have nolva and clomid on hand as well.
I'm not necessarily set on the Test E but I'd rather keep the shots to a minimum as I've done the Tren A/Test Prop and can't stand the frecuency of them. Comments/Suggestions

Also could I get away with starting the Test a week or two after the Tren?