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    test only,or dbol only(arnolds fav.)

    i just finished pct in mid december. an i want to do another cycle before i deploye to afgan. even thou its a bit to early i want to finish before i go so i dont have to take anything with me. so ive been lookin at prop an var or dbol , for 8 to 10 weeks but i have no local source an no time for mexico since im 24hrs a way so i cant be to picky. if i took just dbol or prop how much would i keep?

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    dbol alone would be a garbage cycle IMO...a lot of quick gains, a lot of water retention..most of which you will lose when you stop

    test prop would be a good choice, in and out of your system can start pct 3 days after your last shot instead of waiting 2 weeks. you have to shoot at least every other day though.
    cant say how much you will keep, depends on how much effort you put, eating, resting, pct, etc

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