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    Where and What kind of tests for this?

    I was contimplating getting tested pre/during/post cycle and would like to know what kind of tests would give me this info and where I might be able to have them done. Thank you. would a simple blood test or screening give me my results for these items?


    1. Cortisol total
    2. DHEA sulfate
    3. IGF-1
    4. IGFBP-3
    5. T3, free
    6. T4, free
    7. Testosterone weakly bound, total and free
    8. Hemoglobin A1C
    9. Fasting insuline
    10. TSH


    11. CBC
    12. Comprehensive metabolic panel
    13. Lipid panel


    14. GGT important liver value not included in comp metabolic panel
    15. PSA

    I got this from "building the perfect beast" second edition, gimme any opinions on wether or not this is vital. I thought it would be a good idea. Not sure how much they cost either.
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