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    need advice on sust please

    hey guys. currently cycling sustanaon at 750mg a week, first week. my issue is this. i know i need to inject on an eod basis, however i don't want to do 1000mg a week of test as will be the case on the weeks that i shoot four days, sun, teus, thurs, sat. now i know i shouldn't really look it as that but rather as keepoing blood levels stable, but in reality it is still 1000mg a week and i am not yet to the point that i want to go that high. also i do not have enough of the test to run it like that for the duration of cycle. so i was wonderign if on the weeks that i shoot four times could i go 125mg sun, 250 tues 250 thur and 125 sat, or is this just an idiotic and pointless endeavor? thanks for any advice.

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    why not just take 185mg eod?

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    I used to just take 250mg three times a week. It worked great for me. Or like booz said .75cc = 187.5mg eod comes out to 750mg.

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    skrew sust and just jump on some single ester stuff much easyer to keep blood levels constant.and if ur gonna shoot ed might as well do prop

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