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    Test Propinate????

    i was thinking about using test prop in the begining of my test cyp and eq cycle. if im doing 400 test cyp and eq wks 1-10, then how many weeks do i need to do the prop until the cyp and eq kick in??? and whats a good prop dosage for 165lb guy and how often injected.....thanx

    also should I ween off the cycle or just end it...and slam it with clomid at the end???


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    i've seen poeple using it that way and also usine it at the end of there cycles to keep the test levels higher than.. i think the guys cycle looked this

    week1-4 prop 100 eod
    week1-10 cy 600 ew
    week1-10 deca 500ew
    week12 prop 75 eod
    week 13 prop 100 eod
    week 14 cloimd

    that has to be close.. i think

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    I prefer ed injects of prop WAY more than eod. but yeah if it is just to kickstart I would do 50mg/d for about 3 weeks. At the end I would do 100/d starting in week 11 or 12 and start clomid about one week after your last shot

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