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    do i have the test flu? I'm so freaken sick my head hurts im having the worst hot flashes ever. I have gone thorugh 5 shirts. I pretty much have all the Flu symtoms...

    So I have a shot comming up do i take it? im in week 4 and have not gone to the gym in 3 days, it's a set back how can i get big if im throwing up and not able to work out?

    I'm taking 600 mgs of test and 500 eq... Help me out! should I stop my shots? or do i continue? there know way i could workout im just to sick right now...

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    sounds to me you have the good ole test flu mate,stick with the course it should die off after a while!!

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    yea bro, dont end your cycle, stick it out. btw, test lowers your immune system so thats probably why you're so sick right now.

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    well man sometime sit does go away and sometime sit does not , depending what gear ur using , if its high in ba , it will keep on re occuring, it should of stopped by now , ussulay lasts liek 3 weeks tops. so if it keeps happening , switch gear ,

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