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    Bumps after injecting?

    I've been injecting Fina eod in the buttocks.
    First there was no pain, but after about 2 weeks my ass (both sides) is one big bump. I try to massage the area after injections and I'm very sterile when I do it. Any ways to fix that???? The injection sites are now getting very painful...


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    It's a build up of oil. Keep massaging and begin to use other injection sites. If at all possible you should only inject each site once per week. Use your R-L quads and R-L delts as well. EOD shots will give you plenty of time between injects. KEEP MASSAGING

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    how fast are you puching th barrel; the faster you go, the more chance you will irritate th muscle fibres and swelling may occur. do as slow as you possible can. my rule of thumb is 1 minute per cc. yes that slow. also massage like pete said afterwards, however i dont find it neccesary if you inject real slow.

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    Ice may offer some releif in the meantime
    And me personally i like to work the legs to help
    distribute the oil. so do some cardio or whatever.

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