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    Question Advice For A New Guy, Need Help

    Alright, here's my story. Right now Im 26 and have been training for about 10 years. I was really into it for about 8 before I did my first cycle early last year and everything was just fine. As of one month after my cycle my stats were:
    8=10% body fat.
    Don't know exact meaurements but I was very proportional.

    The problem lies in that I had to have 4 teeth extracted and my jaw wired shut for 3 weeks; result. lost neary 40 lbs. Since, Ive trained hard and am back up to my precycle weight of 177 with once again, between 8-10% body fat. I have essentially plataued. I can assure all that my diet and workout regime is in order, so its time to gear up again.

    My last cycle consisted of:
    Test. Enan. 300mg wk for 10 weeks
    Deca 200mg wk for 10 weeks
    DBol 20mg wk for 4 weeks
    pct with Chlomid for 3 weeks at 200mg per tapering down to 50mg per day.

    For my up and coming cycle Im planning for the same time regime but maybe increasing the doses. I don't believe this will be a problem as I suffered virtually no side effects during my last push.

    Now for my questions.
    1. As you guys can see I was on the absolute minimum efective doses but the results were spectacular. Should I up the dose, even though I gained 20+ solid pounds my last run through?
    2. When taking the DBol, should I take them evenly throughout the day or some when I awake, and the rest preworkout? Opinions have varied but you guys seem to know your stuff. is a secure email email account I have if you don't feel comfortable answering these in post replies.

    Thanks fellas, any and all help would be greatly apprceciated.
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    Keep your doses the same if you got results from the cycle last time.

    If your dbol are 5 mgs..split them up throughout the day.Like every 4-5 hrs

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    You could do the same cycle again. It looks good. Personally though, I'd bump the test to 500mgs, drop the deca , and run the test for 12 weeks instead of 10.

    Nothing wrong with your cycle though. I'm just not a huge fan of deca at low doses like that.

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    Cycle seems to have worked for you last time, so I think that you would be fine doing it the same way you did it before. As long as you are getting the desired results, stick with it.

    As for d bol, I usually seperate through the day with a higher dose pre workout. Not sure how effective the extra is before workout, but it at least helps me psychologically thru my workout.

    Sounds like your body responds pretty well. Keep the diet and training up and you will put all your weight back on.

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