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    Yohimburn - working or water retention?

    I've been using topical Yohimburn for past 10 days.
    I can't really tell much difference in fat loss, but it could be water retention in those areas? Is it possible to assess if it's fat or water retention?

    Thank you,

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    Take a couple days off from Yo. See if the water dissapates.

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    P diddy are you over at Elite too?

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    personally i been trying it for a good few weeks now with the weekends off its not doing anything at all for me no water retention and no fat loss also dieting and using var,xen


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    TOJ where are you using it? You say you're using oxandrolone, xenadrine and Yohimburn for 3 weeks and you don't see any results? Are you using any morning cardio to cut? You might want to take a pic of the area so you can see the changes better. It's still kind of early but you should be able to notice something by now. It took me 6 weeks the first time and I still didn't think I had any changes. Then my wife looked at my love handles and she could see the changes that I couldn't see because I was looking at it every day. You're using all the right stuff to have dropped some body fat in 3 weeks. Keep at it.

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    Damn I am so glad to see this post as i was just about to post something like this.

    I am sorry but IMO I have been on the Yo. for 3 weeks and I think it is a joke !!!! And I am taking clen with it !!!

    Now I have lost some fat but not in the area I am putting the yotakeyourmoneyandburn shit !!!!

    Just IMO but I think that shit is BS ..

    One thing I will say is it smells great !!!!
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