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    cycle update: no shutdown yet but bones and joints are killing

    Right almost finished week 4 of my cycle. So far it has looked like this:
    week1: 1000mg enanthate , 400mg deca
    week2: 750mg enanthate, 400mg deca
    week3-4: 500mg enanthate, 400mg deca
    dbol ed 35-40mg.

    I went from 185lb to 205lb but I did expect a big jump in weight because I was coming back after a month's lay-off due to an injury. I usually easily put on about 5-10lbs in a week or so once I get back into proper eating and training. So I guess in reality I have only put on 10-15lbs or so due dbol. Doubt test or deca are yielding mass increases yet. Must say tho that I am having quite a good time on dbol: no noticeable sides, even water retention is not as bad as I thought, only downside are the erect nipples but Im kinda used to them now. Still keeping nolvadex on standby. Going to run dbol as a bridge between end of injections and start of clomid.
    Whats more is I am not sure whether my natural test has shutdown yet. Sex drive is huge (ok I did expect it cause of dbol and may be even test by now), but I thought the balls would shrink. They havent yet. May be just slightly. And (I do apologise for the graphic content) the sperm is still flowing, albeit its become more liquidy but then it always does that when I lift frequently.
    The bad thing however, is that my joints are starting to hurt. Not sure why, I am not really lifting any heavier. Just increased the reps a bit.
    And its hurting pretty bad. Also get a strange sensation as if the actual bones are hurting.

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    with 400mg of deca im surprised your getting joint pains. are you eating enough carbs; whats your diet like? otc supps ie. glucosamine MSM works in some but not everybody. also drink plenty of water and get ATLEAST 3 tbsps of flaxseed oil in you, this helps lubricate joints as well as ton of other good stuff.

    good luck.

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    If you are done growing bone wise you might want to start hgh. (not for teens that are still growing) It helps with the tendons and stuff along with other plus too. Its very costly and you need to take for at least 6 months. You will not lose the gains you make with hgh once you go off however. I have taken over 60 ius over the last 3 months and I am just now begining to see results. I like it. I am also doing it with a doc and having blood work done every 7 weeks to look at my IGF-1 levels, test levels, and other things the docs look at to make sure I am not hurting myself.

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    You're shut down more than likely. Your balls don't have to shrink to be shut down, and the horniness is from the test and d-bol. Sperm doesn't have to change either. Mibne never even became more "liquidy" until the end of this last cycle, which was 14 weeks. Anyway, keep up the good work and don't worry about being shut down - you'll bounce back.

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    I have never run enan under 12 weeks and if you look at the enan ester IMHO I think you are dropping off to much even by the front load theory

    Just wondering I have never really understood why bros still use the theory of tapering off ...when I stop, I stop and plan my clomid by the half-life of the ester?

    Just wondering.... To be honest I do not even like front loading but I know many do but with enan being a longer lasting ester, I think you may want to look at running it more consistent throughout the cycle?

    And not dropping it so much ?

    JMO ??

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    You shouldn't have any joint pain with the dbol and deca combo goin.

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