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    Need Some Help With Current Cycle

    Im in the 7th week of my cycle. Ive been taking 250/mg Sus and 300/mg Deca per week. Im pretty happy with gains but think I should have done 500/mg Sus per week. Ive gained 19lbs so far. Im 6'1" and I started the cycle at 169 and my goal was to reach 200....Im at 188 right now. I only had enough for an 8 week cycle but I just got ahold of alot more gear.I got more Sus And Deca. Is it worth uping the doses at this point. I also have some EQ, Winny and Anavar . Should I extend the cycle to 12 or 14 weeks? Any other recomendations are appreciated. Obviously I have clomid and nolva for post cycle.

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    You should just run your current cycle to completion and begin planning for yoy next cycle. 19lbs is very respectable and you should be happy. Do you have clomid? If not you can say good bye to a lot of that hard earned mass you put on.

    Next cycle should look like this:
    weeks 1-10 EQ @ 400-600mg/week
    weeks 1-10 anavar @ 40-50mg/day
    weeks 5-10 winstrol @ 50mg/day

    Mahe sure you have milk thistle and clomid.

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    Hey kane,

    Pete just missed your statement at the end about clomid, but he is right on to point it out anyway. 19 lbs is VERY good, especially off of the dosages you were taking. Congrats. Now do your post cycle clomid and keep them. Wait about 8 weeks and start again with the cycle Pete is suggesting and watch yourself grow, grow, grow!



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