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    DECA for my father, advice???

    Alright, my dad is 54 years old, 5'11, 225 lbs, and suffers from chronic pain indicative of deteriorating cervical disks. He also suffers from joint pain in his right ankle and has been taking cotrizone injections for that. During my last cycle a year ago, which included DECA , pain which I had suffered from in my shoulder and knee for years vanished completely, and have yet to return. As an alternative to analgesics and cortizone I am advising my father to do a cycle of DECA to treat his conditions. He has spoken to his doctor but that arrogant prick won't even consider it and only prescribed him more powerful analgesics. He actually gave him 20mg oxicontin tablets. They do help with the pain but they are considerably affecting his cognitive abilities, my father considers this unacceptable, and wants to seek other options. The regime I'm considering is:

    DECA 100mg wk for 12 weeks
    Test Enan. 200mg wk for 12 weeks
    pct. chlomid 100mg daily tapered to 20mg daily over 2 weeks (just in case)

    I put the test in there to help avoid the "dreaded deca dick". My questions are:
    1. Have any of you ever had the same experience I have had- DECA alleviating joint pain?
    2. How does the above proposed cyle sound for treatment?
    3. Any suggestions???

    If anyone is uncomfortable responding to my posts you can use my secure email account at

    Thanks fellas.....................................
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    I have had 17 shoulder dislocations and three reconstructive surgeries (between both shoulders). Have had arthritis in them since age 22. I am 31 now, and currently on Deca 300 mg week and Test 400 mg per week. It has significantly helped my joint pain, but, not eliminated it. I also use a strict exercise program geared toward body building and strengthening my shoulder muscles. I feel that strengthening the muscles that support them are more beneficial then the Deca in the long run. The juice just helps me do it more efficiently.

    My opinion. There is no quick fix. But sometimes there are things that can help you do the rehab or steps necessary to help the situation a little easier. Everything has its benefits and side effects. It all depends on what you are willing to sacrifice to get what you want.

    It took me two years of hard work and pain to make the decision to add help to the program. Hope this helps.

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    there was a similar thread not long ago for someone who wanted to use DECA for his joint pain. He also was older. It was suggested that he look into HGH. If the price is an issue than HGH may not be for your father. However if he sees a good endocrinologist as has some blood work done/evaluated, then from there I think you should have apretty definative answer.

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    Deca worked very well to reduce the amount of back pain that I experienced for more than a year after a bad car wreck.
    I dont think he'll feel the effects on less than 200mg per week (1cc at most concentrations)
    a decent injury rehab style exercise regimen, 200mg test cyp or E, and 200mg of deca should help to reduce the pain and strengthen the muscles that help support the back.
    a cycle or two-- 3 cortisone injections, and exercise took me from 4 lortabs a day to asprins once or twice a week.
    I definitely wouldnt let him stay on oxy long or dependancy issues may arise


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    What about when he comes off the deca ? Def. don't want him on oxys too long. IMO, I would say no to your Dad doing deca, etc. It is a good idea, but the negative could outweigh the positives of it. Try a different doc, and I really hope he finds something to help.


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    It helped several injuries I had, I am almost 51. I think he should be getting a blood test to determine his Test levels and he should consider HRT. I think at least 200mg of Deca would be better, I was on 300 mg. I am cruising on 100mg Test E between cycles now. I am up 6lbs to 182 since the end of my last cycle and my strength is actually higher as well. I will never go off juice, well I will , but it will be when they are closing the box. I think he should consider HGH as well.

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    BGD16, i had some pains in my shoulder and was on oxymetholone and they went away for a while... I think it was due to the water retention which lubricated my joints... They came back after i was off cycle... I dont know about deca but it could be possible...

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    At that age, it's safe to assume that he may have declining Testosterone production anyway. Have him look into an anti-aging clinic (they may be calling themselves "age management" now). The larger metro areas on the east and west coast have them.

    He can describe his symptoms, say that a "friend" of his told him to investigate Nandrolone Decanoate for it's properties of joint pain alleviation. They'll give him a blood test. Odds are, he'll show low Test and they'll give him both. Legal and covered by insurance.

    If nothing else, have him ask about Alflutop.

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    I have alot of pain in my shoulders and need surgery on one. I know most people say less than 200mg of deca is not effective but in my experience that is not true. I take 50-100mg of deca with my cruising dose of 125mg of cyp and it helps my shoulders tremendously. I am 40. If I go higher on the deca my face swells up and blood pressure goes up. I know alot of guys will say no way this helps but I have been on and off deca several times and the deca without a doubt helps my shoulders at this dose.

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    Go to an HRT Doc!

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    HGH will regenerate his body and help him heal. At his age it's a worthy investment.

    Deca at 200-400mg e/w may help but with hgh, he may actually heal his injuries. So yeah, I think he should see a HRT doc and get hooked up.


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