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    accutane, sustenon and deca

    Hey waz Up?

    I just recently received insurance but the bad thing is I will be getting on my cycle withing the next week. Sus and Deca .
    Today I'm going to get a fhysical and the values of my liver checked. Then I think tommorow the juice. My doctor will prescribe me accutane can I take everything at one or will it be too toxic to my liver.
    Summer is here and I need my back clean, what it the point if I look ripped and I can't take my shirt off and show it off.


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    hey bro; accutane is not as bad as its said to be; nonetheless one should still take precautions such as liver detox and ALA. I have this trick of avoiding acne everythime i cycle; this is what i do, for the first week, before i take anygear i load up my system with accu, uaually 40mg ed for the first week. Your lips will start drying up, this means its in you, this is when i start my cycle. from then on, i take i 10mg tab ed for the next week; after that i take nothing untill clomid therapy starts, then i run it again at 40mg ed for a week, the weeks before clomid, then 10mg EOD after that! since the accutane is in effect, a low mainetence dosage is suffice. i then run is EOOD for about two weeks after clomid therpy at 10mgs. so all in all doing this you actually putting in 1/4 of the accutane instead of running it throughout, which may cause problems, ie cholesterol/enzymes.

    this saves you alot of money and suffereing from the possible side effects. Also FYI i am extrememly acne prone. EXTREMEMLY. infact if i didnt have any accu, i would never cycle, using this method allows me to cycle saftly w/proper precautions. (liver detox/ALA)

    hell you may want to try something like this; hope this helps.

    good luck man!

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