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    Question Sustanon cycle - clomid

    First of all I have used many hours going through the different posts in the forum and learned much.

    But still there are many contradicting statements from the users, so I will post this as a new thread anyway.

    I´m going on my first cycle and it will contain Sustanon only, I got 16 amps, Nolvadex and Clomid. My question is in what cycle it should be used. I found this cycle on another site - is it ok?
    Please give advice based on the stack I´ve allready got.

    Week 1: 250
    Week 2: 500
    Week 3: 500
    Week 4: 500
    Week 5: 500
    Week 6: 500
    Week 7: 500
    Week 8: 250
    Week 9: 250
    Week 10: 250

    When should I use the Nolvas and how much, and when should I use the clomid (and how much).

    Hope to bennefit from your experience :-)
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    instead of running it in a pyramid fashion, i suggest doing 500mgs every week for 8 weeks. sust has 4 different esters that leave the body at diff. times so tapering is just a waste, considering it takes 4 weeks to kick in, in some people, you want to go out strong.

    as for the nolva, its great that you have some on hand. usually used if gyno symptoms creep up; ichy nips, sore nips, puffy.also if water retention gets out of hand, the nolve will help to an extent. ( i suggest arimidex over nolva but $$...)

    as for the clomid start taking it 3 weeks after your last shot, start with 300mg the first day, then 2 tabs for a week, then 1 tab for a week, the 1 tab eod for a week. during this time if you have any nolva left, take it w/clomid it will assist in hpta recovery.

    hope this helps, good luck on your cycle man!

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    No flame bro, but if you had spent as many hours going through posts as you claim, you would already have answers to 2 of the 3 questions you just asked as I've answered the same questions about 6 times in the past two days.

    Nolvadex on hand in case of aromitization. If you see signs of gyno (itchy, sore, swollen nips) start at 80mg/day until symptoms subside and continue at 20mg/day for remainder of cycle.

    Clomid 2 weeks after last injection. 300mg day 1, 100mg/day next 10 days, 50mg/day next 10 days.

    As far as your cycle, no need to taper....stay at 500mg/week for the entire cycle. If you can swing it pick up some dbol and run @ 35mg/day for first 4 weeks to help jump start things. The amount of prop in sust is so minimal you probably won't see or feel effects for a couple of weeks.

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    take the clomid 3 weeks after your last shot of sust since it stays in you for a few weeks after your last shot... "Nolvadex prevents estrogen from binding to the estrogen receptors in the body. Nolvadex is generally taken only if and when symptoms of gyno appear"... i would get my hands on arimidex ... do some research on that

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