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    Hey guys, im not really new to roids but i never really took nolvadex or proviron , and now i know i should have...

    I have a little bit of gyno but it stopped i have been off roids for more then a year so i lost a few and gained a good amount of natrual muscle back ...


    I wanna make sure this gyno doesnt come back forsure

    can i take nolvadex and proviron at the same time while im on Test enanthate ?

    if so or if not how should i talk to while im on my cycle so it i dont get anymore gyno

    im sure ya get this question alot and im sorry i had to post it but i just need to know

    anyways thanks for your help guys

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    IMO Arimidex and nolvadex would work better. however know that nolvadex only blocks estrogen but arimidex supresses it. this is why it works well together. however do not count out proviron I've used it by itself and it works well.

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