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    Question Beating as testing times...(its a must)

    Im about to place and run this cycle for 6 to 8 weeks:
    T-bol 10mgs per cap at 60mg's a day (turnabol).
    Test-prop at 100 mgs per day as well.
    Ingectable vitamin b-12 at one full cc a day.
    Xience noc-ncg3./ and protein shakes
    Proper dieting as well
    My question is , i will be tested for anabolics and i need to know how long it takes each of those 2 compounds to be COMPLETELY out of my system! I know there both short acting esters, but under this boards steroid info; the T-bol is detectable up to 6 weeks. The test prop at 2 to 3 weeks.
    So am i correct about that?
    What about if i got the 5 day steroid clensers? Do they really work in clearing the body in 5 days or is it all just hype??? I cant afford to be disqualified and ruin my career as a MMA fighter on my first fight!

    The cycles bases is for an up and coming MMA, (mixed marial arts) fight in march, april and in may. I wont get my first match right away which is why i wanna jump on a cycle now and get my cardio up past par and gain great cardiovascular output, speed and musle endurance. Plus with the t-bol you usualy keep most of your gains! In basics i want all around athletesism and be chizeled at 240-250ish lbs.
    Basically i need to now how close to the fights can i run these compounds so i can get the clenser and feel safe!! and not have to wait out 6 weeks.

    Any suggestions or good answers to all that i wrote??

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    under what guidlines does your MMA league test? YOu can run test prop through your fight, as long as you find out what the ratio to testosterone level is that will get you a +.....and just keep it under that through blood monitering

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