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    Lidocaine 2% with injections?

    Well been lurking on these boards long enough thought maybe i would post something. I have read alot of complaints about pain with injection especially with test prop and i was just wondering if you diluted it with some 2% lidocaine if it would have any effect on the steroid .
    I realize with some injections the volume in the syringe would prohibit this but with say 1.5cc of test could you put .5-1cc of the lido?
    I give alot of injections at my job and when we have something thats really painfull say, Rochephin,thats what we always do.
    Also has anyone ever tried emla cream its topical and may also help.

    Since this is my first post let me also say thanks to all the posters for all the great info, never realized how little I really knew untill i started reading the post here.
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    Yes,those are my legs
    That would only act as a band-aid.Once it's effects wore off you would still feel the next day soreness.
    It's not the actual shot at the time is what causes the soreness,it's when the hormone crystallizes in your muscle is what gives you the next day soreness(inflamation),in most cases.


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