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    Question 1st sustanon 250 cycle help

    i'm 20 years old. 5-8 145 pounds close to 14% bodyfat. Been lifting for about 4 years on and off. Been lifting again for about 8 months. my diet has always sucked and i think i finally got that in check through reading some of "Leanmeout's" diet threads. im going to cycle sustanon 250 in about a month.

    week 1 - 250mg
    week 2 - 250mg
    week 3 - 250mg
    week 4 - 250mg
    week 5 - 250mg
    week 6 - 250mg
    week 7 - 250mg
    week 8 - 250mg

    Then 3 weeks later start my pct.

    I have seen alot on this board about why not to use it and why to use it some of you guys really hate the stuff and some of you really love it. I don't want to go overboard on my cycle or stack it with anything else except maybe primobolan depot at the end. i want to keep it kind of light on side effects and also this is a very easy steroid for me to get. if any of you can help me with this cycle please do. but keep in mind i don't want to go all out but just something like this that is very simple and won't be as harmful on my health like stacking alot of them together. just wandering if you guys can make suggestions and such, things like minimizing hairloss if there is and whatever you can. thanks

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    1 your too young too your way to skinny im the same height as you and didnt start cycling till i hit at least 170-175 which still i could have waited and that cycle is really bad you have to take minimum 500mg of sust a week but it supposed to be shot eod for a first cycle i would go with a single ester test like cyp or enth which you only need to take twice a week and start your pct two weeks after last inject

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    I have 2 responses...

    1. I hit my natural peak at 5'9, 180lb., and around 10-12% bodyfat. Knowing what I know now, I probably could of made it 10lb. heavier naturally, but that is not my point. W/ your stats @ 5'8 and 145lb., you still have a lot of growing to do naturally. I reviewed some of your posts and you said yourself you are "growing more doing less weight" or something like that. You have a MINInum of 20 lbs. more naturally and that is if your genetics are horrible. I want you to understand that I am not trying to talk down to you or anything like that, but it is ABSOLUTEly the smart decision to wait another 20 - 30lbs. I know it must be like a kick in the balls to be told to wait seeing that you have the stuff redily available and you have been on this forum for a few days and are getting excited to start a cycle. It can also give you something to shoot for, making your weight to start juicing. You can have a goal and reward yourself with a shot in the ass when you make your weight. I promise you that you will not regret waiting a little while. Starting steroids in a major commitment of time, money, and spending many many hours on the computer on this board. You still have a lot of learning to do and you are not ready to start a cycle if you have only been reading on this board for a few weeks. I research for HOURS & hours before I start a cycle of stuff I have already even taken before. There is always new info out there and the biggest thing is to do everything safely, and not rush into anything. Let me say that again....DO NOT RUSH INTO ANYTHING!

    2. If you want to be "not smart" about it and waste your time and $ to run a shitty cycle that could of brought you up to 200 lb. instead of bringing you to 165lb. then IMO this is what you would do. First look at the novice cycles on the main page, but as far as the one you references,
    A. Run it for 12 weeks instead of 8
    B. Do your shots of sust every other day (EOD) to the dose of 500mg. per week.
    C. Run a drug like arimidex throughout your entire cycle @ .5 mg. per day and also post cycle
    D. You can get the stuff to save your hair at the ARR link @ top of page
    E. Have all your anti-e's and pct drugs on hand BEFORE you start your cycle
    F. Fix your diet.......And don't start any A$$ until you are at LEAST 20lb. heavier.

    Good Luck and I hope you are the type of guy who makes the smart decisions.


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    ill give you another point of view from someone who hasnt used 21 and still waiting to hit my natural peak. im also 5'7-5'8 like you, and im pushing 187-190, with probably about 13-14% bf. ive been working out for about 6 years or so. i started off lifting i was about 125-130. take the time to learn everything you can about diet,exercise and the proper way to cycle if your planning on it down the road. i wouldnt want to use aas to get me to a place where i could have gotton on my own, then use aas to put me over that natural peak. just my 2 cents on the topic

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    Read this, youre not gaining b/c youre not eating correctly. No amount of steroids will get you bigger if you dont eat. You need to gain as much naturally first if you want to get the most out of steroids. At youre age that shouldnt be a problem at all, no need for gear yet

    UNoffical "How to Bulk" thread and sample diet...

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    I'd agree with the're too young and much too inexperienced. You can't grow without food, no matter what drugs you put in your body. If you can't figure out how to grow without gear, you're not gonna grow with gear. Very good advice in this thread.

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    Sust has to be injected eod. Not too good for a beginer cycle. Besides the fact that if you have been lifting for 4 years, and are still at such a small weight the your diet is not in check.

    You are not ready for roids. Get your training and diet in check, and you will be able to grow ALOT more without roids. Without a proper diet you will not grow a pound on gear.

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