I started out at 190 took 600 mgs of test 500 mgs of eq and got to week 4 and bam I was feeling it I got 2 days in the gym where i was juiced up and then bam i got sick with the test flu. I got to 195 and then i couldn't work out for 4 days and i lost 5 lbs im in week 5 I wanted to gain 15-20 lbs but right now it's not looking good I guess the most gain come in week 4-6 well i been sick for most of it im sad bros. I;ma stick with it maybe make it a 14 week cycle?

ALSO now that im feeling better should i stick with the 600-500 of the test and eq or should i lower it? maybe my body can't handel that much? is it even good to lower? i mean i wanna gain some seriouls weight now so maybe i should stay there and bust my ass for the next 6 weeks!