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    2nd Cycle Questions/Suggestions

    I am 6'1, 24 yrs old, 175 lbs, and about 15% BF right now. I did my first cycle about 9 months ago. I started out as 180lbs 15% BF and went up to 205lbs 10% BF. This was my cycle.

    Weeks 1-10: 250 mL Sustanon
    Weeks 1-10: 300 mL Deca
    Weeks 5-10: 10mg Nolva
    Weeks 13-15: Tribulus

    At week 17 I developed severe acne on face and neck that lasted 6 months. I had to get on accutane. Was it late reaction to gear or you think it was Tribulus? Only had moderate acne on face only for the whole 10 weeks on gear. Not sure if I wanna do another cycle cause acne was so bad, but if it was from Tribulus then that makes me feel better.

    For my 2nd cylce I was going to do the exact same as before since I had such good gains. Since I dont really want to do anymore than 250 mL of sustanon per week I read that you need to inject ED whereas I did 1cc only once a week. But if I do ED than that means I will be injecting only like 1/5 of a cc. Is this just stupid to do? They also say that if you inject everyday your blood levels stay more consistent, meaning less sides. This is what Im looking for because I noticed a considerable amount of back hair growth from my first cycle. Unless there is another test you can recommend all together.

    For my PCT is was going to just do Nolva from week 5-15. I was even thinking of buying some extra Deca or something similar to start on week 10 and use to slowly come off. Will this even do anything useful in helping me to keep gains? I dont want to use Clomid because thats just like Tribulus isnt it, and I dont want that acne again.

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    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mate, those are some good gains. You were lucky believe me. Now the sust should be shot ED or EOD to get the most out of the Test Pro that is in there. You still get gains from the other Tests in the Sust if you shoot over a longer period but why waist the money. And yes if you are only doing 250mg a week they are pretty small shots but you can mix the Deca in there as well.

    Now your PCT is not right. You should be waiting 14 days from the last Sust shot and then doing 20mg Nolvadex ED for 30 days. Clomid is also recommended but there is a debate going on about that at the moment. If you do clomid as well you should do 100mg Clomd ED for 30 days along with the Nolvadex.

    I got a bit of acne during PCT as well and nothing on the cycle. You might want to give Viatmin B5 a try for the acne along with scrubbing yourself twice a day in the shower.
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