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    Anyone ever used the HGH Serostim (Somatropin) from Serono pharmaceuticals?

    Hey Guys. Some of you remember that I posted a topic saying my doc prescribed me HGH for my treatment of HIV wasting. He prescribed Humatrope from Eli Lilly. Unfortunately Humatrope is not FDA approved for treatment of wasting so my health insurance declined to cover it. I went back to the office and he wrote me a new script for Somatropin or Serostim which is actually approved for wasting. Seems like my insurance will cover this time. He prescribed 6 mg a day. Anyone here ever used it? If so....what strenght did u use? Did you like the results? Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

    ps: their website is
    I also got a scrip for 200 mg of Deca a week straight from the pharmacy. At least I will know it is not fake heheheh

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    I know many who have used Serostim and LOVED it.

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