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    need help with a cycle gone bad

    i was going to take 12cc of sust for 12 weeks @1/week. on the sixth week i would start with 50mg of prop. and 300mg of deca 3-4 days after sust injection. deca would continue for 4 weeks more than the sust....... this would mean if i read right the deca would start to take effect when i stopped the sust?

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    Mate the cycle is no where near being right for you.

    with the number of cycles you have done I think it should look like this

    wk 1-12 Sust 500mg / week shot EOD
    wk 1-11 Deca 300mg / week shoot it with the sust EOD


    There is Prop already in the sust, why do more of the same ?

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