whats going on guys...i am thinking of putting 2gether a little cycle to cut some BF and keep the same size...i am 5'7 180-185 right now around 13% bf..long term goal would be 190 6-8% fat.... I was hopeing to cut down some bf...with a clean diet and some more cardio Also i wouldnt mind staying between 175-180 during this cycle if not gaining a few pounds of lean mass....i was going to Run test prop Var,clen , and maybe tren A...depending on funds...i was gonna do

1-10 prop100mg ed
1-8 tren A 100ed
1-8 var 80 ed
and throw clen in there?..somewhere..PCT nolva throught cycle...clomid post cyle..also some HCG ..i feel it really helps me keep my gains and retain mass...any1 have any other ideas for cutting cycles..or care to give me some advice i would appreciate it..thank you very much