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    sterile syringes

    I'm sure everyone knows what was going on with G-P-Z, as there were many posts about it. Many people seemed to think that a competitor had hacked into their site. I think this is probably true. I am a long time customer of G-P-Z, although I never received one of the initial emails allegedly from the DEA. However, just this morning, I received an email from a company called sterile syringes dot com trying to sell me needles and syringes. I receive spam marketing emails all of the time, but I don't believe that I have ever seen one about needles before. It leads me to wonder if whoever hacked into G-P-Z, was able to steal their customer database and is now trying to steal their customers. Has anybody else received an email from sterile syringes dot com recently? BTW, G-P-Z is back up and running.
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    yep... have used *** before and today that same other website emailed me. so your most likely right. or someone who worked at *** is a traitor and switched companys and before he left he grabbed some info. CORPORATE SABATAGE!!!!

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