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    Cutting cylcle or break?

    Thanks in advance ---

    I am on my last week of a Deca only cycle. It was 10 weeks long @ 400 mg a week. I ate a pretty good diet throughout. I was 195 and about 10% bodyfat. After this cycle I am around 190 with 5-6% bodyfat. Not quite the results I expected at all but hey. (BTW - Why do you guys think that I got these results...? Last time I did deca a gained 20 + lbs. and bodyfat jumped a percent or two.)

    I am waiting for some anavar that should arrive pretty soon here. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for me to do a six week anavar cycle @ 50 mg a day. Or, should I wait and use the var for another time. I originally planned to use it during the deca cycle, but it didn't work out that way. I don't really want to stop get my test back on line and then start again in a month or two if it would be just as good to use the var now. I didn't plan on doing another cycle this year, but if using the Var after the deca will be useless I'll wait.

    My goals with a var only cycle would simply be to gain a good 5 lbs of muscle, get stronger, and solid as hell.

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    if you do the var mix creatine with it-- it helps . with what your goal is you could do that on creatine alone at least the 5lb gain and stronger.
    you probably need to mix test with deca from now on.
    if you do go to var get clomid for after so can stay off for a while and get system back

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    why u dropped weight i dont know, however i would not do a deca cyle tapout said, add some test

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