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    Really confused about PCT

    I am 24 yrs old 6'1'' 175 lbs. This will be my 2nd cycle. I plan on doing

    weeks 1-10 250 mL Sus/week
    weeks 1-10 300 mL Deca /week

    I was going to just do Nolva throughout the whole cycle, but then after reading numerous posts I was going to do .25mg of Arimidex weeks 5-10 and then do 20mg of Nolva for 30 days about 2 weeks after last shot. Does this sound like it would work? I dont want to mess with Clomid because I did Trib and it made me break out way too bad and its like Clomid, so I dont want to even risk it. Since I choose not to use Clomid, are there any other suggestions of what to do for PCT. I was even thinking of buying some extra stuff to ween off on. What would maybe be good for this, I thought I would just buy extra Deca.

    One last thing, I did the same 2 things last cycle, just no PCT, and got quite a bit of back hair. Is there any other stuff I could use to keep this to a min this time around?

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    Dude Deca is going to shut you down hard. You should up that dose of Sus to 500mgs a week. I would def consider Clomid PCT but thats me

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    Nolv and HCG is a great choice for PCT.

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    Hey bro first you should research more on doing proper cycle your test dosage must be higher than any compounds specially deca its knows for its suppresive nature "Deca Dick" so i dont think you want to risk you sex drive make the test 500mg & deca 400 or 300

    1-11 test 500mg ew

    1-10 Deca 300/400mg ew

    & about the PCT you can add HCG 500 i.u twice a week before the actual PCT start the nolva/arimidex just an idea if you dont like clomid.

    good luck,

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