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    What do you think.

    Is there anything that I can use to help me lose fat. I am trying to trim down to 215, but I want to keep my strength.
    I have cycled to get my sprinting speed where I want it. But at the same time I have put on weight. I want to be able to go from 240 to 215 without losing any strenght. I actually need to get a little stronger.
    When I used test I filled out nice. Everything was tight and strong. When I used Winny my speed was awesome, but I really didn't see any change in my body size.
    I used EQ stack with D-bol and gained 20lbs. Now I have had the hardest time getting it off. I can't get it off. When I diet I feel week and I can't complete my workouts. I want to get geared up, but I am afraid I am going to put on more weight.
    Coaches want me at 215. They think 230 is to big. They don't think I can run with that much weight.
    Can you all help.
    My diet consist of
    Meal 1-Fiber One

    Meal 2-Spinach raw (1 cup)
    6 ounces of chicken

    Meal 3-Sweet potato
    Broiled Shrimp 6 ounces

    Meal-4 Isopure ( before workout

    Meal-6 Green Beans
    6 ounces of chicken

    Meal-7 Isopure

    Totals- 1600 calories
    299.72g Protein
    15g Fat
    54g Carbs
    I am 240lbs trying to drop to 215 and keep my muscle strength. Basically I am just trying to get as lean as possible for the up coming season. I am stressing on whether I am cutting to many calories. But I only have 50 more days, so I have to lose 3.4 lbs a week.
    I cheated the last two days. I had a burger and fries tonight. I had some chocolate last night. But I only went over my BMR by 265 tonight. Which translated in to .08lbs gained.
    Last night I was still under my BMR by 900 calories.
    What do you all think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayou12
    Is there anything that I can use to help me lose fat.
    A treadmill works wonders..........

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