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    Tried to pm but wouldn't let me. You said in a previous post that this cycle
    Weeks 1-10 600mg per week/ monday and thursday inj.
    Weeks 1-4 40mg of Dbol ED/ 20mg in morning 20mg before bed
    Weeks 5-12 40mg of winny ED

    Looked like a long time to run the orals. What if I gapped the time between the Dbol and winny longer and bumped the dose of winny to 80mg ed?

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    What's up bro.. You prob can't pm yet because your post count isn't high enough yet.

    Personally I wouldn't run an oral that long unless maybe it was Var. I assume you are looking for a jump start with Dbol up front so another option you have is substituting some propinate in there for the first 4 weeks since it is a fast acting ester.

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    I will just run the test with the winny at the end for a first cycle then run my second with EQ, SUST, and WIN. Thanks for the help!

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