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    alchohol and dbol

    i know youre not supposed to drink on dbol as it is already very hard on your question is how bad would be to have a few drinks in moderation? or if i didnt take my doses on the day i planned on having a couple drinks..since it is the superbowl weekend would it be that detrimental to have a drink or two with my boys?

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    I know for me the intention is to have one or two. Which in my opinion would be ok. But before the night is over ive had alot to drink and with d-bol that would set you back and injure your liver. Its a tough commitment. If you do it right at the end its soooo worth it.

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    missing doses is not a good idea. neither is drinking on d-bol, or any gear.
    a drink or two wont kill ya, but no good will come of it. so why bother
    you invest time and $$$ in to a cycle, dedicate your self to a strict diet and train your ass off to make your self the best you can be, why do somethig so negative as drink?

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